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    Dan Hollings

    Presenter, Dan Hollings is a leading consultant for both mega-successful international clients & thousands of local businesses. NYT "Best Selling" authors, hit movies such as "The Secret" and projects including the newest Guerrilla Marketing book. Dan is also featured as a Top 25 Marketer in the recent best seller Internet Prophets. This is one training event you don't want to miss!

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About Us

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We're a fun team of professional marketing experts with more programmers, designers, content creators and talent than you can shake a stick at. We also partner with local consultants to assist in projects that require a team.

We can do a bang-up job on any internet, mobile or social media project. Or... if you're a do-it-yourselfer, we provide educational webinars to help you learn the ropes -OR- if you need help, we can assist with our team of skilled marketers, web geeks and developers.

Improving traffic, reviews and revenue is not optional these days, it's just a matter of whether you'll do better than your competitor.

Online Training Seminars

FACT: The more you learn, the more your business will earn.

Running a business is full-time work. WE UNDERSTAND! But today, you must also become a marketer and internet geek.

Add to this the need to reach customers on their smart phones and iPads... there's a lot of opportunity and a lot to think about.

To help out, we conduct regular ONLINE TRAINING SEMINAR (better known as "webinars") so you can get your local marketing on a fast track. We keep it simple and provide help if you need it.

A Few of our 20+ Services

  • Strategy Consultation
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Custom Website Design / Redesign
  • Local Search & Citation Set-up
  • Mobile Site & APP Development
  • Reputation Management
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ & Facebook
  • Video Marketing
  • Website Maintenance
  • Wordpress Blog Set-up